The Wahluke School District is the Mattawa areas main public school. The school caters to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The school district has one of the most advanced high school buildings to date, built in 2006.

The school accommodates over 2,500 students. A large number of the students are children of migrant workers – with families working locally in the agriculture industry. 

For higher education, students take classes remotely or in person at Big Bend Community College, located in nearby Moses Lake before transferring to university.


The City of Mattawa is largely a farming community of about 6,600 people.  We have a population made up of a large Latino community. The City of Mattawa has been ranked as the safest city in the State of Washington, according to WA 2017 Safest City. Amenities include:

Desert-Aire is a small HOA community located just south of Mattawa. Desert-Aire has many features which make it a great place to enjoy living. Amenities include:

Community Amenities

Our city has grocery stores, a post office, gas stations, a choice of banks, restaurants, a hardware store, its own newspaper, many other businesses.

Municipal water and trash services are supplied by the City of Mattawa.

The City also boasts the only straw bale library in America. It is made with straw bales covered in stucco.

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Mattawa has two modern medical centers to cater to your family’s  day to day health issues. The Wahluke Family Clinic is part of the Columbia Basin Health Association and offers family medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN Services, immunizations, Women’s Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Vision & Eye Care Services and many other additional services.

The Community Health Center partners up with a variety of local medical facilities to offer state of the art medical service to Mattawa residents.  Through the partnership we are able to take  X-rays and lab tests in Mattawa and get fast turnaround, often within 24 hours, of results.

Most people that work in Mattawa are employed in  agriculture which results in a seasonal workforce.  The city has seen an increase in employment in associated industries and greater stabilization of agricultural workers in recent years.  


Key employers are:


Mattawa boasts some of the sunniest weather in the state and plentiful hunting, fishing, hang-gliding, flying and water sports on the river. 

We are moments away from the Gorge Amphitheatre at George, which boasts a roster of international stars every summer.

A stone’s throw away are the Beverly Sand Dunes where you can enjoy off road fun. 

Desert-Aire is just five miles south of Mattawa.  It’s a beautiful setting along the mighty Columbia River with a great 18-hole golf course and a modern marina granting access to the Columbia.